What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the memory of web browsers. This helps to provide a better service to our users. By way of example, the use of cookies allows us to understand how a user navigates our website, what interactions they carry out, remember login details and store browsing preferences. The following paragraphs explain how we use cookies to ensure that our services work properly, improve the user experience, analyze data and prevent fraud.

1.How we use cookies

Cookies are an important element in our website, as they help us to offer a better and closer service. We modify cookies over time as we improve our service. These are the main use cases:

- Security. Through the specifications of the equipment and browsers used to access our website we can provide you with a more secure experience.

- Services and features of the web. We use cookies to remember your preferences when browsing and using our services. This means that it is not necessary to specify these preferences and settings each time you visit our website.

- Analyze and improve the user experience. Thanks to the use of cookies we can better understand how our users arrive at our website and provide us with information about the use and general behavior on it. This allows us to analyze which areas we can improve, to provide a more complete service and a better user experience.

2.Use of other technologies

We use Google Analytics and other third party tools, which use cookies and similar technologies, to collect and analyze information about the use of our services. Thanks to this we can identify trends and changes to improve the user experience and service to the user.

3.Manage Cookies

You can manage the use of cookies directly from your web browser settings. This includes deleting and/or disabling Suma Content cookies. The following links can serve as a reference for this: